About Us

Horido company is a producer of leather straps, metal bands and other watch accessories made of high quality materials. We started in 1989, and since then we managed to create a strong company with large distribution channel of exclusive straps and watch bands produced under our original “HORIDO” trademark. Our success was achived not only with our knowledge of actual trends and modern designs, but also by an elegant way of presentation of our products, a wide range of available models, fast deliveries and expecially by offering high quality product in reasonable prices. We always base on high quality leather in the production process, and our buckles are made of stainless steel material. We always use high quality stainless steel (INOX) in the production of metal bands, which also could be processed by PVD plating method allowing us to receive a desired color with solid surface and antiallergic properties. This steel is also used to produce high quality watches, watch accessories and even surgical instruments.

We always take special care to offer high quality products and to fulfill all customer requests. Thanks to the commitment of our qualified staff, we always offer professional information which will allow you to find the purchase of our goods to be a pure pleasure.

Grzegorz Geppert
+48 / 500 047 474

ID: PL 643-160-92-00
REGON: 278243388

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